Where to Buy Wholesale Vanilla in Canada and the US

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Vanilla is a flowering plant that comes in more than 150 varieties. Only 2 of these vanilla orchids, however, are used commercially including Vanilla tahitensis and Vanilla planifolia.

Vanilla is the most labor-intensive product in the agricultural field because it takes anywhere from 18 months up to 3 years to see the orchid vine producing orchids. When they do bloom, they die quickly, usually within 3 hours, unless they’ve been hand-pollinated. The seeds must remain on the vine for at least 9 months before they can be harvested. Then, they have to be processed for several months before they can be used.

The Best Vanilla in the World

With this labor-intensive harvesting comes a lot of hard work and skill. Every vanilla bean is handled over and over again before it’s ready to be used. At Qualifirst, we understand the care that goes into producing vanilla beans and we have searched the world over to find only the best ones.

If you’re looking for wholesale vanilla in Canada and the United States, look no further. We provide a few different wholesale vanilla products that taste a lot better than the vanilla that you’d find on the regular grocery store shelves.

Vanilla Extract

Our vanilla extract with seeds is 100% pure and made with a blend of crushed canola seeds and pure vanilla beans. This combination provides the most potency and flavor you can find in any vanilla product. This vanilla can be used as a flavor enhancer for poultry and meat, in ethnic foods, in beverages, in deserts and much more.

Vanilla Beans

There’s nothing better than the taste of fresh Madagascar vanilla beans offering a spicy, delicate and pure aroma. When you’re ready to use the beans simply split the pods open with a knife and then scrape out the seeds. You can use the pods in your favourite baking recipes and in any dish you make that calls for vanilla.

Vanilla Paste

This is pure vanilla at its finest. Offered in a paste form, this product can be used for puddings, cakes, ice cream and much more. The paste is made from vanilla bean seeds and 1 tablespoon of the paste equals 1 vanilla bean.

When you’re looking for the best vanilla in Canada and the United States, please visit our website or give us a call at 1 (800) 206-1177. We have done all the hard work for you so that you can rest assured that you’re using the best vanilla available.