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premium pastry ingredients

A lot of restaurants and cafés have built up their reputations and popularity by serving the best pastry products. If you can refine your pastry baking down to an art, you’re sure to establish a large customer base with your delicious baked goods. When you incorporate premium pastry ingredients into your baking you’ll see, feel and taste the difference immediately.

At Qualifirst, we offer only the best top-quality pastry products to our clients. We have tested and examined ingredients from the world over and have hand-picked only the ones that meet our stringent quality standards.

One of our best sellers is our Vanilla Extract Pure Bourbon, which is the most popular type of vanilla in the world. This is made using vanilla from Madagascar and it has a velvety, sweet, creamy and rich flavour that’s perfect for all of your baking needs. Try it in your next vanilla cake to see the difference it can make!

If you prefer to work with pure vanilla in its untouched state then you will love Vanilla Beans Bourbon. These beans have been cured and cultivated in Madagascar and every one of them has been hand-selected. These beans are the freshest you’ll find with a deep, rich fragrance. This kind of vanilla bean is long and thin with an oily, thick skin. Inside you’ll find a number of small seeds with an amazing vanilla aroma. They are perfect for chefs that prefer to start from scratch when creating a baking sensation.

When you’re looking for gelatin then look no further than Qualifirst. Gelita is imported from Germany and consists of leaf gelatin that’s well known for melting slower than regular granular gelatin. When you choose Gelita you’ll see greater clarity in your gel and it is perfect for a number of baking recipes. If you make your own pie filling, you won’t want to miss this fine ingredient!

You can enhance your baking in many ways with Qualifirst’s premium pastry ingredients. We are the top gourmet foods & specialty ingredients distributor. To start your order today, sign up here or call us at 1-800-206-1177.