Qualifirst’s Culinary Tips: Switch up Your Dish with Black Garlic

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Cooking with unique gourmet ingredients can set your dishes apart from the crowd. To take your next meal to the next level, incorporate a new twist on an old staple: black garlic! It may sound like something to fend off Dracula, but black garlic is a gourmet ingredient that will have your guests talking.

Black garlic has been around for a long time- and only recently has it begun finding its place on epicurean menus globally. Black garlic has been highly sought after, both for its rich flavor and its health benefits.

The process begins with a bulb of high quality white garlic. Over the span of three to four weeks, the garlic is carefully roasted at low temperatures in controlled conditions. During roasting, heat and humidity must stay at the optimal levels, so the garlic is carefully supervised. The garlic, once roasted, reaches a rich dark colouring and an even richer umami flavor. The flavor profile of black garlic delights the palate, with an earthy garlic subtleness, and caramelized sweetness. The tang of tamarind mingles with the savory hint of balsamic, making black garlic light up your taste buds. It is a flavor adventure, and a great conversation starter!

Black garlic is also revered in alternative medicine as a wonder-remedy. Garlic has been used as a natural remedy due to its many compounds that are antimicrobial, antibiotic, and antifungal in nature. It is also thought that black garlic contains twice the antioxidant properties of its white counterpart, which makes it a super-food! Maybe a clove of black garlic a day could keep the doctor away.

Regardless of what you use black garlic for, it’s sure to make an impact on your cuisine, and possibly your health. Get adventurous with your cuisine;  add black garlic to any pasta dish, pair it with your favourite spices for a rich meat marinade, or add it to a gourmet sandwich!


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