Qualifirst’s Advice: Best Spices to Enhance Your Everyday Cooking

An easy way to bring your everyday meals to the next level is to incorporate unique spices and seasonings. From sweet to savoury cooking, spices enhance the flavour profile and bring complexity to the taste of even the most basic recipes. For breakfast, lunch, and dinner, spice up your cooking with these staple seasonings:


Cinnamon is a very diverse and special spice. Available both as sticks or ground, cinnamon brings a warmth and depth of flavour when added to a variety of dishes. Known for spicing up many holiday treats like gingerbread and hot apple cider, cinnamon can also be used in many savoury dishes. Incorporating cinnamon into a delicious rub for pork and chicken can enhance depth of flavour and bring a unique twist to an everyday dinner recipe. Add it to your chili or stew to bring a note of earthy warmth and a familiar flavourful spice that you and your family will love.


To kick up the spice in your life, add cayenne to your spice collection. This large red pepper is available ground or added into many hot sauces. To enhance your breakfast or brunch, add a touch of cayenne to hollandaise for eggs benedict. For lunch, you can add cayenne into your egg or chicken salad sandwiches to give a hint of complex flavour and heat. And finally, for dinner, cayenne makes a great addition to meat rubs for barbecue sauces- the smoky, spicy flavour is delicious on grilled meats!

Garlic Powder

You can add the delicious flavour of fresh garlic to any dish with garlic powder! A healthy dose of garlic powder sprinkled on your favourite pizza makes a great lunch or dinner. Add garlic powder to your favourite meatloaf recipe, or right into your homemade hamburgers for a satisfying supper. And for a quick and unique snack, sprinkle some garlic powder and Parmesan cheese onto some popcorn. Garlic powder is diverse and can be used in place of fresh garlic in a pinch!

There are many more spices to outfit your pantry with, but with these three as a starting point, your meals are sure to be brought to the next level of flavour. For these and many other specialty ingredients to amplify your everyday cooking, Qualifirst is the top gourmet foods and specialty ingredients distributor. Begin your order online today, or call us at 1-800-206-1177.