Pastry & ice cream

Decadent treats start with premium ingredients with fresh ideas. If you’re a bakery or a restaurant that specializes in pastries or ice cream, you can taste the difference that quality makes. Craft your specialty dessert menu around fresh cannoli shells stuffed with premium filling, dark chocolate pastry cones, premium vanilla beans, and more.


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Choose from a wide variety of pastry supplies & molds, relief sheets for chocolates, premium vanilla beans and extracts for baking, and fresh and fragrant citrus oils and flavours. Shop pastry ingredients & supplies now!

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pastry cones

pastry cones

Chocolate Cones are heavenly filled with a velvety coconut ice cream. This sweet chocolate wafer is crispy and has a rich crunchy texture, sure to delight your customers. Fill it with sorbets, mousses, ice creams, and more.

Pastry Tart Shells


Readymade, these pastry tart shells are perfect for appetizers or a light lunch menu. Fill them with a creamy dill goat cheese or a fresh herb quiche. Pastry tart shells are also paired extremely well with sweet fillings such as lemon meringue - these rich, buttery tarts are versatile and delicious.

Cannoli Shells

cannoli shells

Fresh cannoli shells, without all of the prep. Create a tailored menu with Italian sweets, and leave the fuss to us. You can dedicate your time to perfecting that decadent filling, knowing that you are investing in premium quality - just like Grandma used to make.