How To Cook With Glucose Liquid

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How to Cook with Glucose Liquid

If you’re making confectionery products you’ll need to have glucose liquid readily available in your pantry. This type of sugar is a must-have for a variety of home baking recipes such as cakes, pies, and for a number of frozen desserts. There really isn’t any substitute available for glucose liquid that can perform as well as this substance to turn desert creations into masterpieces.

Glucose liquid is often used in the production of chewing gum and commercial chocolate products and it prevents sugar crystallization in foods such as canned jellies, jams and fruit. It’s an amazing ingredient that can help preserve food without making it taste any sweeter. In fact, it can enhance the flavor of many foods and mask any excessive sweetness.

Any serious chef has a bottle of glucose liquid nearby to be used in a number of bakery products. Some pies and cream fillings just wouldn’t be the same without this sweetener that also adds bulk and body.

If you want to enjoy a truly soft homemade ice cream, you’ll need to use glucose liquid. It prevents ice cream from crystallizing, gives it a smooth texture and reduces the freezing point. A homemade ice cream without glucose liquid just won’t be as creamy and soft as one that contains this ingredient. If you find that you’ve been making ice cream or sorbet and it is getting too firm while sitting in the freezer, liquid glucose is your answer.

Liquid glucose is also commonly known as corn syrup and is a transparent and colorless syrup that isn’t as sweet as cane sugar. Use it in your next baking recipe and observe the results for yourself. It’s easy to use and it takes command of the texture and body of many desert products.

Never try to substitute liquid glucose with anything else. You just won’t see the results that you are expecting. This is a stand-alone ingredient that deserves all the respect it has – and then some. When you’ve prepared an outstanding meal and are following it with a delectable dessert, you’ll want to make sure that both the taste and the presentation are perfect.

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