Examining the Different Types of Salt

For centuries, salt has been an important part of our diets. Different kinds of salt include finishing, cooking and baking salts. You can find seasoned salts, sea salts and rock salts while the famous Kosher salt sits proudly in kitchen pantries in many countries around the world. Below is a list of different salts and their intended uses.

Kosher Salt

Kosher salt can come from either the earth or the sea and it is famous for its ability to dissolve quickly and easily. Not all Kosher salt is actually certified as being Kosher- if you’re purchasing it for religious reasons you’ll need to double-check the packaging.

Table Salt

This is the type of salt that you’ll find on most kitchen tables around the world. This salt contains iodine, which is an essential nutrient that is hard to find in other foods.

Himalayan Salt

This is one of the purest salts that you can buy as it contains a lot of minerals. It is mined from ancient deposits of sea salt in Pakistan and is commonly used in spas. It can be used as either a finishing or as a cooking salt.

Hawaiian Sea Salt

This salt is available in either a black or red colour and comes from a red clay that has been baked by a volcano. The black salt gets its colour from charcoal that has been added.

Seasoned Salt

Seasonings can be added to salt to provide a wide range of flavours. Lemon salt is fantastic on grilled vegetables while truffle salt adds a new and unique taste to egg dishes and red meats.

Sel Gris

This type of salt has a French name that means “grey salt”. If you are in a health food store it may be labeled as Celtic sea salt. This type of salt comes from salt evaporation ponds and it is granular, moist and chunky. It’s commonly used as a finishing or as a cooking salt and is a good addition to many baking recipes.

Flake Salt

This salt is made by evaporating or boiling brine and is commonly used as a finishing salt. This type of salt, however, doesn’t have as many trace minerals as some of the other salts on this list- such as Sel Gris and Himalayan salt.

Gros Sel

This salt also has a French name meaning “large salt”. This is a sea salt with large crystals and is commonly kept in a salt grinder. This salt adds the finishing touch to a variety of fish and meat dishes.

Smoked Salt

This salt has a smoky deep flavor since the granules have been slowly smoked over a wood fire. It’s a hearty salt that blends well with potatoes and grilled meats.

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