Enjoy the Sweet, Healthy Benefits of Dates

Dates are a type of food that you should be reaching for if you’re trying to lose weight but still crave something sweet. They are also a healthy snack providing a number of different minerals and vitamins. Dates are a high source of fiber and the list goes on and on. This food should be a staple in every household and encouraged as a healthy snack for children versus sugary candy that has no nutritional value.
If you have a restaurant and cook regularly with dates you’ll love our California Pitted Dates that are perfectly moist and delicious. At Qualifirst you can order our dates in bulk quantities and take advantage of our wholesale prices. Never before has gourmet food been as accessible as it is today and you can serve your customers high quality date dishes without having to pay high prices.
Dates can be added to an hors d’oeuvres or a party platter as a sweet addition to crackers and cheese. They are commonly used to make date cakes, cookies, energy bars and can be added to salads, stuffings, stews, biscuits, puddings and much more. Dates are indeed a versatile fruit that can add just the right amount of sweetness to a number of dishes and desserts.
The health benefits of dates are seemingly endless. They can provide a quick energy boost in the afternoon, can promote a healthy nervous system, and since they contain a lot of organic sulphur, they often soothe the effects of seasonal allergies. Dates also contain iron, which make them the perfect snack food for people on the go with low iron stores.
These are just a few of the many health benefits that you can experience when you add dates to your regular diet plan. If you are cooking with dates in a commercial setting you are probably more than well aware of the different foods that blend with dates to create the perfect taste sensations required in your signature dishes.
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