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Modern gastronomy


Find the perfect appetizer to serve at your next dinner party. Appetizers are the perfect way to start a meal and they help build the appetite. When you want to make the best first impression, it all starts with the appetizer you are serving.


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The world of pickles - so wonderful yet so simple. Pickles offer an addictive crunch and their taste is a mouthwatering party for your palette. The many health benefits of these fermented vegetables have brought about a renaissance in pickles.

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Cheese is an iconic food that is compelling, enjoyable and complex. It delights all of our senses with its memorable flavors and with its own sense of authority and enthusiasm. Enjoy a synergy of flavors with our extensive selection of cheeses.

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Escargot is served in the finest French restaurants in the world and has been proudly nicknamed the "lobster of the land". We present to you the best escargot available with a smooth, tender texture and an excellent meaty flavor.