A Guide to Qualifirst Gourmet Olive Oils

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Olive oil is a very versatile ingredient that can be incorporated into almost every meal. Olive oil’s rich buttery texture bring a level of earthy robustness to anything it is added to, like vinaigrettes, marinades, and even desserts. Gourmet olive oils can be a chef’s best friend, and are often considered a staple in many professional kitchens. Whether you are a seasoned chef, or a home cook by trade, quality gourmet olive oil is something that everyone can enjoy and cook with. Spain is home to many different types of olive, thus making it one of the finest exporters of quality gourmet olive oil as well. These are just a small sampling of the many gourmet oils you can find with Qualifirst, your trusted gourmet foods & specialty ingredients distributor:

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Also known by the acronym EVOO, extra virgin olive oil is unrefined, and is also considered to be the highest grade of olive oil. Extra virgin olive oil is not treated with any chemicals or altered with temperature, and it retains more of the true olive taste. With a low level of oleic acid, extra virgin olive oil also contains more of the natural vitamins and minerals found in olives. Premium gourmet olive oils typically have a lower smoke point than other cooking oils, so one must be careful not to overheat or burn the olive oil. High-grade extra virgin olive oils are more commonly enjoyed in their pure form as a dip, in vinaigrettes, or garnishing.

Picual Olive Oil

This high-quality olive oil is extra virgin, and is also derived from some of the most prized olives in Spain, the Picual olives. These olives are higher in fatty acids than other varieties, making them a heart-healthy option, in moderation. The buttery flavour and slight fruity finish of the Picual olive oil make it a favourite in marinades and dressings, as well as in dipping sauces. Add some premium balsamic vinegar to the Picual olive oil, and it makes a delightful dip for baguette.

Smoked Olive Oil

For those with adventurous taste buds and a passion for gourmet olive oils, the Smoked Arbequina olive oil is just what you’ve been dreaming of! This high quality extra virgin olive oil has all of the qualities of a delicious premium olive oil with a kick of natural wood smoke flavour; organic oak, birch, and beech wood smoke is used to give this oil its delectable flavour. Ideal for using as a marinade for steaks, seafoods, chops, or chicken, this gourmet olive oil is a griller’s dream!

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