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Innovative cocktail ingredients

Choose only premium culinary ingredients to complete your signature cocktail menu. Patio season is here - the sunshine will bring them in, the drinks will keep them coming back for more. Compete with the top culinary professionals and mixologists with quality ingredients.

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Food Distributor Vancouver

Japanese Citrus

Fragrant and robust, perfectly paired with gin or vodka. Add this to your signature drink!

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Add dimesion to your drink menu with aromatic bitters. Orange & Juniper, Plum & Rootbeer, and more!

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Food Vancouver Distribution Oils and Vinegars


Herbaceous flavoured olive oils and aged vinegars set you apart from your competition. Be distinctive - choose premium ingredients for your next culinary masterpiece.

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Olive oils Ingredients Vancouver Culinary

Single Estate Olive Oils

Drizzle full-bodied olive oil over fresh breads, pastas and salads.

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Truffle Oils

Distinguish your restaurant's unique flavour by using luxurious white & black truffle oils.

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Culinary Ingredients Vancouver

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black garlic

Soft, chewy, aromatic. Ink Jet black garlic that has been slowly roasted for 23 days. Subtle and sweet black garlic is a culinary staple, and a savoury treat.

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Nutty, spicy aroma, with citrus notes. Coriander is an ancient and spice, essential for the culinary professional’s kitchen. Authentic flavour is quintessential.

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cinnamon sticks

Sweet and savory, an essential spice in Arabic, Indian, and Mexican cooking. Complete your drink menu with authentic Mexican hot chocolate.